B08 K型不锈钢电缆防水接头


螺牙规格:公制( Mefric)、德制(PG)、美制NPT

产品材质: A.C.F 部分心不锈钢制成( 304),E部分以UL认可之尼龙

PA66制成(防火等级UL94V- -2 );B、D部分采用三元乙丙耐候橡胶制成。

保护等级: IP68-10

工作温度:静态: -40°C + 100°C,短时可达+ 120°C;



Screw specification: Mefric, PG and NPT

Material: A.C.F. part-core stainless steel (304), E part is made of UL approved nylon PA66 (UL94V-2), B and D part is made of EPDM weatherproof rubber.

Protection Level: IP68-10

Working temperature: static: - 40 +100, short-term up to + 120;

Product Characteristics: The design of special clamping claws and seals, wide clamping cable range, strong tensile strength, water-proof, dust-proof, salt-proof, acid-alkali-proof, alcohol, grease and general solvents.

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